safety first

The Original Pave Pros Firmly Believes that Safety is #1

Asphalt paving is considered one of the most dangerous construction occupations. From the heavy, complex equipment involved in an asphalt project, to the extremely hot asphalt used for paving, working with and around asphalt can be quite the daunting task.

Safety: Our Responsibility
Our dump truck drivers must be diligent in checking their trucks daily in order to assure that the trucks are safe for hauling materials and floating equipment up and down highways and city streets on a regular basis.

Our heavy equipment operators have a major role to play in the paving process. They are responsible for excavating old asphalt and gravel, asphalt paving and the finish-rolling of the asphalt. This requires a lot of skill, and attention to detail, both for the benefit of the project and the workers involved in the project. Equipment operators must know where all of their coworkers are at all times. Paving is a fast-paced industry and failure to pay attention to what is happening around you can result in devastating injuries to crew members on the ground. Constant communication between equipment operators and ground crews is critical to maintaining an accident-free job site.

In some cases, asphalt workers are required to work close to traffic, in which case, road construction signs, spotters and flaggers are in place to help with traffic awareness and control. All too often, drivers fail to slow down in road construction areas putting asphalt workers in even more danger than they already deal with.

Drivers: Please, Slow Down
With the asphalt season upon us, we at The Original Pave Pros are asking that everyone slow down when approaching construction sites whether on roads or in subdivisions. We take safety very seriously and hope you will too!

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